Chris Garrison

PGA Professional  |  Coach  |  Consultant


“Why do you get out of bed in the morning 

and why should anyone care?” 

As a successful professional, I was surprised by the question.  But, it was an authentic challenge from a mentor that deserved honest reflection. 

For me, it is simple - It's all about people!  I'm devoted

to the growth and development of others so they

can reach goals or realize their aspirations.

I simply blaze a daily path of leadership, development, and innovation

to make it a reality for you.

Management & Operations

I’m big on “human skills".  When you have authentic interactions with your team, then you will experience long-term success.  Today we work with multiple generations (with wide ranging values) under the same business roof.  I bring skills that positively influence a team and adapt the operations to meet your present and future challenges.

If you want to go somewhere or attain something, you need a plan.  But, plans aren’t much help if you can’t create the buy-in and execute.  I’ve been successfully crafting plans and bringing them to life so organizations can grow.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Player Development

& Coaching

Yes, it’s true, these are two different elements.  When you stop to think about it, you will fully realize how both impact your strategic plan and students' success.  I’ll show you how to grow the game in a way that creates a win for everyone.

Community will be defined in many ways.  If people can experience it, and connect with it, then your organization will be just one of the many benefactors.  I can connect the community through your values so you can make a difference.


I'll contribute to your success in four critical areas. 

Management  Operations 
Strategic Planning 

 Consulting   Player Development

Coaching    Community 

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Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison is a career golf professional and amateur ultra runner who is passionate about community, mentorship, and life-long growth and development.  Chris has been helping private clubs, public golf courses, resorts, non-profit organizations, co-workers, and generally creating cool stuff for 30 years.  If you are an individual, business or organization looking to make the golf experience better get in touch with Chris at or simply give him a call at 503.312.4059.



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